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Outdoor Patio Heater – Constantly begin with the simplest causes and also function down the list. One of the most common mistakes is to misdiagnosing a pilot with an obstruction and also piercing a small opening to repair the problem! Never ever pierce the pilot burner, once the hole has actually been pierced the heater will imitate a flame thrower and also is a write-off!

First inspect the gas cyndrical tube has fuel and also is turned on. This may be evident but it can be hard to determine just how much gas is in the cyndrical tube. Take the LPG hose pipe of the regulatory authority and also transform the gas on for 2 to 3 secs (no more) outdoors and also away from any naked flame and also do not smoke while making any repairs. If you can smell and also listen to gas them the cyndrical tube has fuel.

To inspect if the ignitor works simply push the piezo red switch and also area your thumb on the various other end. You should feel a sharp sting and also hear it click, otherwise then the ignitor requires replacing. These are extremely simple to change, simply pull the ignitor lead off the back of the ignitor and also unscrew to eliminate. Replace with a new ignitor.

The first palatable part to use is a thermocouple, these can last anywhere between 1 year if you are unlucky and also as much as 6 years depending upon making use of the outdoor patio heater, storage and also kind. Changing the thermocouple fixes 90% of all firing issues. An easy method to work out exactly what the parts appear like and also the best ways to fix them is to watch outdoor patio heater thermocouple on the outdoor patio heater to obtain a match to your type of outdoor patio heater.

Next on the consumables list is the electro-magnetic valve. If a new thermocouple hasn’t already taken care of the lighting problem take a look at the electro-magnetic valve. This rests inside the gas control valve and also is accessed by unscrewing the bolt that holds the electro-magnetic valve in place. When transforming always utilize plumbings tape to reseal joints and also before lighting the heater check with a leak test. This is done by utilizing a soap remedy of one part liquid cleaning agent (washing-up liquid) and also one part water. The soapy remedy is applied to the joints utilizing a tidy spray container or clean paint brush. Transform the LPG gas supply on but do not light the heater. See to it the safety control valve on the heater is in the OFF placement. If a leak is present, turn off the LPG gas supply. Tighten up any installations and also re-test. Proceed examining until all leaks and also links are tighten according the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3rd palatable part is a tilt button. These can create comparable firing issues to mimic a worn thermocouple. Straightforward to alter on the majority of outdoor patio heater, these are affixed via two leads that push on to the tilt button. Just unclip and also swap for a new tilt button. On some versions the tilt button is soldered on via 2 leads, if your outdoor patio heater tilt button has actually been soldered you will need to readjust accordingly.


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