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Natural Gas Patio Heater – Always begin with the most basic causes and also function down the checklist. One of the most common errors is to misdiagnosing a pilot with a blockage and also piercing a little opening to fix the issue! Never pierce the pilot light, once the hole has been pierced the heater will imitate a flame thrower and also is a write-off!

First examine the gas cylinder has gas and also is switched on. This may be evident but it can be tough to determine just how much gas remains in the cylinder. Take the LPG hose of the regulatory authority and also transform the gas on for 2 to 3 secs (not) outdoors and also far from any naked flame and also do not smoke while making any repair services. If you could scent and also listen to gas them the cylinder has gas.

To examine if the ignitor functions simply push the piezo red button and also location your thumb on the other end. You should feel a sharp sting and also hear it click, if not then the ignitor needs changing. These are extremely easy to replace, simply draw the ignitor lead off the back of the ignitor and also unscrew to get rid of. Replace with a brand-new ignitor.

The first palatable component to use is a thermocouple, these could last anywhere in between 1 year if you are unlucky and also as much as 6 years depending on the use of the natural gas patio heater, storage space and also type. Transforming the thermocouple repairs 90% of all shooting issues. A very easy means to exercise just what the components resemble and also how to fix them is to view natural gas patio heater thermocouple on the natural gas patio heater to get a match to your type of natural gas patio heater.

Next off on the consumables checklist is the electro-magnetic valve. If a brand-new thermocouple hasn’t dealt with the illumination issue have a look at the electro-magnetic valve. This sits inside the gas control valve and also is accessed by loosening the bolt that holds the electro-magnetic valve in position. When transforming constantly utilize plumbing professionals tape to reseal joints and also before lighting the heater consult a leakage test. This is done by using a soap remedy of one component fluid cleaning agent (washing-up fluid) and also one component water. The soapy remedy is put on the joints using a clean spray container or tidy paint brush. Turn the LPG gas supply on but do not light the heater. See to it the safety and security control valve on the heater remains in the OFF position. If a leak is present, shut off the LPG gas supply. Tighten up any installations and also re-test. Proceed inspecting up until all leakages and also connections are tighten according the maker’s directions.

Third palatable component is a tilt button. These could cause similar shooting issues to resemble a worn thermocouple. Straightforward to change on a lot of natural gas patio heater, these are affixed via 2 leads that push on to the tilt button. Just unclip and also swap for a brand-new tilt button. On some models the tilt button is soldered on via 2 leads, if your natural gas patio heater tilt button has been soldered you will should adjust as necessary.


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