Patio String Lights: Decorative Charm

Patio lights have always had the magical ability of transforming an ordinary patio instantaneously into an outdoor wonderland. You can get so much more out of your patio if you’re able to utilise it after the sun sets – think evening bbq’s, some drinks with guests, etc. The market for patio accessories has changed massively […]

Solar patio lights: Save the Planet and Some Money!

Lately it has almost been fashionable to be ‘green’. Environmentalists, politicians and business leaders are urging everybody to reduce their carbon footprint in the pursuit of reducing man-made global warming. This rising trend has given birth to a new range of products on the market – from hybrid motor vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions to […]

Metal Patio Sets – What You Need to Know Before Buying One

When it comes to a beautiful setting for a back yard, outdoor furniture can transform a boring space into a stylish yet functional area that is great for entertaining. Outdoor furniture can allow your personality and style to be flowed from the interior of your house to the outside creating a space that is all […]

Patio Umbrella Lights – Best Types of Patio Umbrella Lights

The phrase, ‘Killing two birds with one stone’ come to mind when I think of patio umbrella lights. The umbrella provides shade and protection for you and your guests during the day, whilst at night time it illuminates your outdoor area – Great functionality! Let’s dive straight into it and see what types of patio […]

Patio Dining Set – Dining Sets for Every Situation

The patio is but an extension of the dining room. Yet some people do not think it to be so. You can easily use it to enjoy the sunset… provided your patio is facing the west direction… or also for relaxing in the warmth of the warm winter afternoons. You can also use it for […]

Patio Furniture Set

You may have the best patio in town but unless you use it properly, it is of no value to you and other members of your family. While there are various ways through which you can embellish your patio, it is most important to purchase an appropriate patio furniture set. Search the net and you […]

Explore the Wonderful World of Wicker Patio Sets

We all remember seeing the lovely wicker furniture on the set of the “Golden Girls”, but believe it or not, most people don’t know much about wicker. It doesn’t just belong at your grandparents house, or as a basket the hands of Red Riding Hood, wicker has a place in and outside your house. But […]

Wrought Iron Patio Set – Modern Style and Antique Designs for Our House

Their antique look along with their intricate designs makes the wrought iron patio one of the top contenders amongst patio sets manufactured from other materials. Agreed that wrought iron cannot provide the rainbow colors of PVC, nor can it provide the grandeur looks of teak wood, but it combines the best features of those two. […]

Outdoor Patio – The Gateway to Your Garden

Getting the perfect garden patio set is easier than you thought… The patio has been described as the gateway to your garden. When you walk through your  patio door, this area can literally make or break the look and feel of your backyard. An inviting outdoor patio area can provide endless entertainment for your friends […]

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture – The outdoor wicker patio furniture has actually advanced from the old traditional plastic patio chair and tables that a lot of us utilized to have when we grew up. The outdoor wicker patio furniture designs have advanced with new innovation for outdoor wicker patio furniture. For the new demand in […]